Black Panther teaser

I think this screenshot from the teaser perfectly personifies this movie. He’s fucking here. After his kingly debut in Captain America: Civil War last year I have been so jazzed to see this movie. It doesn’t hurt that the movie is being directed by Ryan Coogler whose other directorial efforts of Fruitvale Station and Creed were both fantastic pieces of storytelling. 

So after the reveal of the first official poster for the movie garnered a mixed reaction, the reaction to the teaser on the other hand has been overwhelmingly positive. From the opening where it shows Andy Serkis as Klaue who appeared in Avengers: Age of Ultron being interrogated by Martin Freeman’s Everett Ross who we saw in Civil War. It’s a dark and gritty shot scene where Klaue asks Ross what he knows of Wakanda and Ross replying with it being a third world country which anyone who knows anything about Wakanda from the comics knows how wrong that is. Klaue then reveals that it’s all a front. Stating that he’s the only outsider whose ever seen it and made it out alive. 

The teaser transitions into Wakanda and it is beautiful. It shows scenes of Black Panther being a bad ass,  as well as his guards played by Lupita Nyong’o and Danai Gurira look to be ready to lay out some beatings. You get a couple of glimpses of Michael B. Jordan as villain Kill Killmonger and a quick glimpse of  Winston Duke as Man-Ape. 

Look there’s so much in this teaser that just got me so pumped up, from the action to the glimpse of the vibranium jet I am so damn psyched for this movie. It was a little surprising to see this drop since Spider-man Homecoming is coming out in a couple of weeks, as well as Thor Ragnarok in a couple of months and it’s only released a teaser trailer as yet. But Marvel have so many movies in the pipeline I guess it was a matter of time before it got this crowded. It makes me wonder when we might get some first footage of Infinity War. Despite all that though, February cannot come fast enough. I need this movie in my soul.

What did you think of the teaser? Are you looking forward to this movie or are you getting sick of superheroes? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and until next time, take it easy. 

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Thor Ragnarok trailer

Last night, probably about 1am I was getting ready to go to bed and what do I spy has dropped? The dang Thor Ragnarok trailer. So of course I was going to have to watch it 10 times right then and there. This trailer was really cool, it definitely has a different feel to it than the other stand alone Thor movies. I’ve seen comparisons saying it looks and feels like a Guardians of the Galaxy trailer and really that makes sense since the majority of the movie seems to be set out in the depths of the galaxy where the Guardians are off hanging out. I loved the music choice here too. It seems a no brainer to use The Immigrant Song because of the themes in that song but Led Zeppelin are notorious for not letting movies use their songs. I especially liked that it was the proper version of the song and not just some slowed down cover like, even most other trailers these days.

Thor looked great here, as a character he seems like he’s less like he was in other movies and more like he is in those Team Thor skits and I’m really not mad about that. Cate Blanchett looks terrifying as Hela. That moment where she crushes Mjolnir is savage and it looks like she’s going to be an absolute force in this movie. I loved seeing Hulk in all his gladiator armour and can’t wait to see him in action. The little glimpses we got of Thessa Thompson, Karl Urban and Tom Hiddleston looked cool. I’m even digging the look of Jeff Goldblum in this. I know people are saying he looks stupid and I understand why but I can’t help it is just think he looks glorious.

This has really become one of my most anticipated movies this year. I might even be more keen for this than Spider-man Homecoming and Spider-man is my all time favourite character. It has been said that this was going to be the most humorous Thor movie to date and there have been concerns about that but judging by this teaser it looks like they’ve found a good balance of light and fun with heavy and epic.

Are you looking forward to Thor Ragnarok? What did you think of the teaser trailer? Let me know in the comments. Also let me know if you want my thoughts on the Justice League and Spider-man Homecoming trailers. Thanks for reading and until next time, take it easy. 

Quickshot: ‘King Arthur ‘ trailer

Last year at comic- con the first sort of trailer was released for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword which is directed by Guy Ritchie and stars Charlie Hunnam. That trailer didn’t really do it for me, it was inconsistent in tone and I just couldn’t see what kind of movie they were trying to present. So after that for quite a while I forgot this movie was even coming out. Then this new trailer drops and I found myself with a couple of minutes to kill so I figured I’d check it out. 

Just quickly, I remember a friend of mine excitedly showing me the trailer for Zack Snyder’s Suckers Punch and I didn’t like the trailer (can’t remember why) but I do remember it bugged me that they played Led Zeppelin’s When the Levee Breaks through it (I was far more cynical then than I am now. Still very cynical but it’s more justified I feel). So I turn on this trailer today and another Led Zeppelin classic, Babe I’m Gonna Leave You, starts up. Musically I felt it fit really well (lyrically not really but whatever) although it did strike me hat maybe they were seeking a bit of the same love the first Logan trailer got. Probably not but maybe. The tone of this trailer was more consistent and there were some really beautifully shot moments in there. I still can’t tell if this is going to be big dumb fun or something deeper but I’m intrigued now, this movie has my attention.

Are you looking forward to King Arthur: Legend of the Sword or are couldn’t you give a shit about it? Let me know in the comments we’ll chat about it. Thanks for reading and till next time, take it easy.

Thoughts: Iron Fist trailer

Iron Fist is the fourth series to come out of the Marvel Netflix world and is the last piece, after Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, in the build up to the highly anticipated The Defenders series. I have been hanging for a full length trailer for the series since I knocked out Luke Cage within a few days last year. There have been a few quick teasers and a fair amount of stills and images have appeared online but I was waiting and waiting for this trailer. 

Verdict: I enjoyed it. I think the show looks really good. It didn’t hype me up beyond excitement like trailers for both seasons of Daredevil, Jessica Jones or Luke Cage did but I am still really jazzed for this series. It looked to me as if this go around they were playing with a bigger budget than the previous series have had and the visuals and effects look fantastic. I love the look of his glowing ‘iron fist’ hand and the damage it can cause. 

The casting of Finnish Jones as Danny Rand was one I was fine with. I only knew him from Game of Thrones which he is quite good in. There was some slight trouble over the internet about casting a white guy when they would have preferred an Asian actor for the role. ‘Whitewashing’ is definitely still a present issue in television and movies in this day and age but I don’t think it would be fair to call this show out for that since the character of Danny Rand has always been white. It was also good to see Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple and Waiting Ching Honda as Gao featured throughout the trailer since they are two of the big connective threads that connect all these series together.

My concern for the show is that a couple of these series, mostly Jessica Jones and Luke Cage for me, have felt like they went for a couple of episodes more than they needed to. Overall great seasons of television but there was maybe a bit of fat that could have been trimmed and I hope that isn’t the case with this show.

All in all I’m really looking forward to this show and don’t forget, we still have The Defenders coming and oh yeah… The Punisher which I am so jazzed for.

Thanks for reading and keep it breezy