X-men ‘Dark Phoenix’ Gearing Up

A few months back it was revealed that the next X-men movie, suspected to have another crack at the Dark Phoenix saga from the comics, was getting ready to start filming soon. It looks like that is really true as a few key details have been announced. It seems Simon Kinberg who has served as a long time producer and co-writer of several of the X-men movies is set to make his directorial debut with this film. Another announcement was that James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult have all signed on to reprise their roles of Prof. X, Magneto, Mystique and Beast respectively. It was also announced that Jessica Chastain is in negotiations to play the villain of the film. There’s a lot of info to sift through here so I’ll go in order.

Firstly with Simon Kinberg cutting his directors teeth with such a huge project. It’s slightly concerning it’s unknown what sort of director he’ll be. It is reassuring that he’s been around these movies for so long and had a very hands on role. He knows this universe, and obviously has ideas of where he wants it to go. I guess it’s good for a director to be passionate about the project they’re undertaking and I could imagine that at this stage of his career these movies are where Kinberg passion lies. I think I’m just talking myself around on someone whose never directed anything before.

Next is the McAvoy, Fassbender, Lawrence and Hoult news. This is interesting since all of their contracts were finished after last year’s X-men Apocalypse. All four of them are much bigger stars now too since they first signed on to X-men First Class so getting them to re-up can’t have been cheap. I think it’s great news mostly because of McAvoy and Fassbender, since First Class they have played their roles phenomenally and I can’t wait to see them come back and see where their characters go next. Despite this casting news however, returning cast members from Apocalypse are Sophie Turner, Tye Sheridan, Alexandra Shipp and Kodi Smit-Mcphee who play Jean Grey, Cyclops, Storm and Nightcrawler respectively. All eyes are going to be on Sophie Turner since she will encompass the Dark Phoenix so let’s hope she’s ready to take that on, I’m sure she’ll be great though. Interestingly there was no mention of Evan Peters reprising his role of Quicksilver who was a personal favourite of mine in the last two movies. Hopefully he does end up reprising his role and there isn’t any sort of timing conflicts or anything stopping that from happening because his presence would be missed.

Finally is the news that Jessica Chastain is in talks to play the villain, an alien empress named Lilandra who seeks to imprison and execute the Dark Phoenix. Everybody knows Jessica Chastain is a world class actress so locking her in to the cast can only elevate the already impressively talented cast. The interesting thing here though is for years, fans of comic book movies have fancast Chastain as Poison Ivy for a DC movie, and with a Gotham City Sirens movie in the works that will feature the character in a major role, people were expecting her to be in the running for that. It’s not out of the question though since next year alone, Josh Brolin will be playing both Thanos in Avengers Infinity War and Cable in Deadpool 2 so there will be precedent she does end up in the running for Poison Ivy.

What are your thoughts on this new X-men movie? Are you psyched or don’t you care? Let ,even know in the comments. Thanks for reading and until next time, take it easy. 

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Is Spider-man 3 Already Locked In?



So a  few months back Spider-man Homecoming producer on the Sony side of things Amy Pascal revealed the deal in which Marvel get to share the use of the character for their cinematic universe expires after the sequel to the upcoming movie and shortly after Kevin Feige confirmed this. This wasn’t to suggest however that a new deal couldn’t be worked out to continue the story of the character in the MCU but it was assumed this wouldn’t be worked out until a few years down the line.

In a recent interview however, star Tom Holland announced that there would be a Spider-man 2 and 3 when it was only previously confirmed that there would be a second one. When he was told that was new information Holland apologised to Marvel for spilling the info.

Does this confirm that the deal has already been renegotiated? no probably not. I couldn’t see any of those talks seriously happening until at least after Homecoming so that both studios can  asses the performance of the movie. I can however imagine that Marvel are discussing future stories in anticipation of renewing the deal. I for one hope they do renew the contract and continue sharing the character for future movies.

Do you think Marvel and Sony will resign? Do you think they should? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and until next time, take it easy.

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The Great Adam West

I cant remember what it was I saw first, the Tim Burton Batman movie or the 1966 Batman movie but, as much as I loved both of them, I know which one was my favourite. I couldn’t even count how many times I would wake up early as a kid, sneak out while everyone was still asleep and put that movie on. At that point I had never seen an episode of the TV series but I was obsessed with this movie. As a kid Adam West was my Batman as he was for generations of people over the decades.

He of course had a long and successful career separate of the Batman character and that’s why he stayed relevant, because he truly was a remarkable performer whose back catalogue should definitely be checked out by anyone and everyone. Despite his steady work flow he saw an enormous resurgence when he joined Family Guy playing Mayor Adam West. It what is not really even a characturised version of himself he once again became a big name but none of that would have worked out if it wasn’t for his fantastic comedic sensibilities.

It seems somewhat appropriate that his final performance, I may be wrong on this, I think is going to be Batman in the sequel to the animated Return of the Caped Crusaders. In the meantime I’m going to binge Batman, Family Guy and hopefully at least one streaming service will start streaming his other works in memoriam.

So in the end RIP to this incredible performer who spent many many decades bringing joy into so many people’s lives. I definitely will miss seeing and hearing him and wish my absolute condolences to all of his loved ones.

Black Panther teaser

I think this screenshot from the teaser perfectly personifies this movie. He’s fucking here. After his kingly debut in Captain America: Civil War last year I have been so jazzed to see this movie. It doesn’t hurt that the movie is being directed by Ryan Coogler whose other directorial efforts of Fruitvale Station and Creed were both fantastic pieces of storytelling. 

So after the reveal of the first official poster for the movie garnered a mixed reaction, the reaction to the teaser on the other hand has been overwhelmingly positive. From the opening where it shows Andy Serkis as Klaue who appeared in Avengers: Age of Ultron being interrogated by Martin Freeman’s Everett Ross who we saw in Civil War. It’s a dark and gritty shot scene where Klaue asks Ross what he knows of Wakanda and Ross replying with it being a third world country which anyone who knows anything about Wakanda from the comics knows how wrong that is. Klaue then reveals that it’s all a front. Stating that he’s the only outsider whose ever seen it and made it out alive. 

The teaser transitions into Wakanda and it is beautiful. It shows scenes of Black Panther being a bad ass,  as well as his guards played by Lupita Nyong’o and Danai Gurira look to be ready to lay out some beatings. You get a couple of glimpses of Michael B. Jordan as villain Kill Killmonger and a quick glimpse of  Winston Duke as Man-Ape. 

Look there’s so much in this teaser that just got me so pumped up, from the action to the glimpse of the vibranium jet I am so damn psyched for this movie. It was a little surprising to see this drop since Spider-man Homecoming is coming out in a couple of weeks, as well as Thor Ragnarok in a couple of months and it’s only released a teaser trailer as yet. But Marvel have so many movies in the pipeline I guess it was a matter of time before it got this crowded. It makes me wonder when we might get some first footage of Infinity War. Despite all that though, February cannot come fast enough. I need this movie in my soul.

What did you think of the teaser? Are you looking forward to this movie or are you getting sick of superheroes? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and until next time, take it easy. 

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Review: Wonder Woman  (probable spoilers) 

“I just watched a good DC movie!” That’s what some random guy excitedly said to me and my mates when he was leaving the movie. I have to say I agreed with his excitement and relief. I’ve never hidden the fact I’ve been critical of the DCEU thus far. None of the other movies really worked for me, they had more issues than they should have and didn’t quite hit the standard I expected from them. But just when I was ready to give up hope Wonder Woman comes along as the shining example of hope.

Wonder Woman stars Gal Gadot as the titular hero along with Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Connie Nielsen as Queen Hippolyta, David Thewlis as Sir Patrick Morgan/ Ares and is directed by Patty Jenkins.

The movie opens in present time with Diana Prince working at the Louvre and receiving a gift from Bruce Wayne, the photograph that was seen in Batman v Superman. Upon seeing this Diana reminisces about her life growing up on Themyscira and training to be a great warrior. Upon the sudden arrival of Steve Trevor, a battle follows and the Amazon’s learn of the great war that is being waged around the world. Convinced it is the work of Ares the God of War, Diana the princess of the Amazon’s feels it’s her duty to venture out to the world to destroy Ares which will end the war.

The movie is beautifully shot, Patty Jenkins was a fantastic choice to helm this project. There was so much riding on this movie working and she knocked it out of the park. The story flows really well and was never dull. They seamlessly wove together this narrative making Diana a naive, fish-out-of-water type while still making her a strong, intelligent bad ass. In that there’s a constant struggle where Diana is looking at the world as it should be, as she’d like it to be and everybody just accepting the world for what it is. This shows the inspiring nature of the character of Wonder Woman where everybody else is ready to give up or concede to being helpless, she will always fight. She will always charge head first in to save anyone and everyone.

There isn’t much negative I can say about this movie, it really is quite excellent. One thing that left me with questions though and this is a big spoiler, don’t read the rest of this paragraph if you haven’t seen the movie…. So Diana’s mission is to kill Ares so that his influence on man will stop and the war will end. Then after an awesome battle (and it is awesome) Ares is struck down and the war ends. But historically there are many more wars to come. So either that means that Ares supposed influence meant nothing or his influence is eternal and killing him changes nothing. Whatever the case of the future, the movie wraps up really satisfyingly and deeply emotional. 

This is an incredibly important achievement in Hollywood.  First of all its the first successful attempt at a female superhero movie which shows Studios that when made right, people will show up to see women kicking arse. Also this was the first time ever a female director cracked $100 million opening weekend for the US box office and that is an incredible achievement and is guaranteed the first of many many more to come. With so many incredibly talented female directors working today I look forward to seeing them get more opportunities like this, this is truly their time now. I give Wonder Woman and 8.5/10.

What did you think of Wonder Woman. Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and until next time, take it easy. 

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Review: Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 (non- spoiler)

I’m not going to go to in depth with this, I’m really just going to give some quick thoughts about the movie itself and talk about it more later when the rest of the world has seen the movie. 

This movie had a lot to live up to after the first movie absolutely crushed and went far beyond people’s expectations. Guardians of the Galaxy is my second or third favourite MCU movie so I had high expectations for this and I’m still digesting it and waiting to see where it’ll sit for me. As of now I’d probably say I liked the first one more but this is definitely a worthy sequel. There are negative reviews out there calling the story out for not having a story and really it doesn’t but not all great movies do. Not only did I not mind the lack of overall story I ended up being happy about it. It isn’t about the story in this movie it’s about the characters. All these characters we fell in love with in the first movie go through some serious self reflection and have to look at their inner demons and how they affect the way they treat the people close to them. It’s such a tight and self contained movie that I can’t really say much more without spoiling anything so I’ll leave it for now. I give Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 an 8.5/10.

Also with any MCU movie there are of course mid-end credits scenes. There are indeed 5 of them so stay to the very end. I’ll talk about them in my spoiler talk later on but I’ll give my vague impression of all of them.

1. Pretty funny. 2. I’m not sure what it’s about but intriguing I guess. 3. SO FUCKING EXCITING IF YOU GET WHAT IT IS!!!!! 4. really funny 5. An extension of a fun earlier scene. Something people have theorised for a while now and they made it cannon.

Have you seen Guardians vol 2? What did you think about it? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and until next time, take it easy. 

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30DMC Day 24: Favourite Documentary 

There are countless incredible and gripping documentaries that shed light on the horrible things in this world that people try to keep hidden. So many brave journalists and documentarians that put themselves at risk to bring people the truth and to shine a spotlight on the things people don’t know about or don’t want to think about. I love a good documentary but a lot of these ones just make me feel kicked in the guts when they’re done and that’s a good thing, they should make you feel. That all being said the documentary I chose for this was one for more entertainment value. One I could watch again and again.

Conan o’Brien is one of my all time favourite comedians and I, like many people, watched on as the events leading up to his dismissal from The Tonight Show took place and was very much part of the Tom Hanks coined Team Coco. One of the terms of his contract release was Conan wasn’t allowed to appear on television for a number of months so Conan and his team came up with the idea for this tour in the meantime. Conan o’Brien Can’t Stop follows Conan on this tour and goes in depth into the fear and anger and exhaustion he was dealing with while on this tour. It’s interesting and kind of funny to see him complain out of exhaustion about how many shows he has to do and the meet and greets and everything, then it will show on a rare day off he’ll put on an impromptu show. It really highlights the little of the movie, he really can’t stop.

It’s a really interesting documentary and gets deep into one of my favourite comedians and I suggest anyone who is a fan of Conan to check this out.

What’s your favourite documentary? Let me know in the comments. Check in tomorrow for a movie nobody would expect me to love. Thanks for reading and until next time, take it easy. 

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