Review: Justice League Dark

Justice League Dark is an animated movie that focuses more on the mystical and magical side of the DC universe that never really gets to come front and centre. When law abiding citizens start murdering people because of hallucinations, the Justice League can’t figure out what’s causing it but conclude that it must be something based in magic. While a skeptic, Batman (with a little convincing by Deadman) seeks out John Constantine, who is more equipped at dealing with this sort of threat. 

A team is formed to try to figure out who or what is responsible for these acts and consists of Constantine, an occult detective, Zatanna an actual magician, Deadman a ghost who can possess any living being, Jason Blood/ Etrigan the Demon who is, well as demon and Swamp Thing, a humanoid plant elemental creature. Batman is also along for the ride here but this is the movie for the lesser known, mystical characters to shine. 

That’s something I felt this movie handled well, they had Batman in there so it could be more accessible for people who otherwise might not know and might not care about this movie bit it was really outside his level of understanding. It was really Constantine that was leading this mission. The dynamic between all these characters was really interesting, there was history between them all and it got you up to speed with it all without interrupting the flow of this story.

The animation and action were very impressive. The battles could have been messy and confusing with all the magical energy and mystical stuff flying around but it was all very smooth and easy to keep track of. The locations and settings all looked beautiful too.

What surprised me was that this was a pretty dark movie. It showed quite a few innocent people dying and dealing with some dark themes. The heroes weren’t invincible either. There were genuine stakes and anybody could have met their end in this story.

Now for the negatives, first of all while the story flowed well, and even though it was dealing with characters and mystical things not often seen it hit some very familiar story beats. There were things that have been seen a million times before in other movies. Another thing was some of the voice acting seemed a little off. Not that the performances were bad, just that the voice didn’t seem right coming out of how some characters looked. And sometimes the personality didn’t quite match the characters story I felt. But that was just my thoughts as someone who isn’t all that educated in all these characters.

Overall this was a highly enjoyable movie with some great action and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who’s interested in the more obscure and out here comic book characters. I give Justice League Dark a 7.5/10.

What did you think of the movie? Have you seen it? Let me know in the comments. Hanks for reading and until next time, take it easy.

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