Doctor Doom movie?

It looks like Fox is ready to have another crack at the character of Doctor Doom, this time by taking the focus away from that pesky Fantastic Four. After 3 movies and 2 incarnations of the characters, none of which have landed very well with audiences it would seem Fox are making some bold decisions to make this work.

This announcement came while Noah Hawley was promoting season 2 of Legion at ComicCon. Legion was one of my favourite shows this year and Fargo is one of the best shows out there so the thought of him tackling Doctor Doom in a stand alone movie is just damn exciting. To be clear though it isn’t confirmed whether Hawley is directing the movie at this point but he is writing it.

The reason the other attempts at putting Doctor Doom on the big screen failed because they didn’t stay true to the character. I don’t claim to be an expert on Doctor Doom but what I do know about himm I’ve never seen on screen. I just hope this movie tells the story of him rising to power and becoming the leader of Latveria. That what fans have always wanted to see from Doom on the big screen.

It does raise the question of if this movie works, will Fox reboot the Fantastic Four yet again and have them square off against Doom or are they just going to focus on this right now. Having said that though, I wonder if this movie fulfils their obligation to have a movie in development before the movie rights to FF revert back to Marvel. I’m not that cluey on the small print of that deal to know whether it has to be a Fantastic Four movie specifically or if this would cover it. If that’s the reason they’re putting this movie into development it’s definitely a smart way to go about it, to try something different like this.

I don’t really want to speculate of potential casting at this point because there’s any number of people who could do a great job, I’d just prefer to wait for more details to emerge. I’m just really intrigued and excited by the possibilities. 

What do you think of this idea? Do you think Noah Hawley is a good choice to make this? Who do you think should be cast? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and until next, take it easy.

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