Thoughts: Ed Sheeran in Game of Thrones

So people who know me best know I enjoy Game of Thrones but it’s not one of my favourite shows. I don’t get as giddy about it as most people do (and they really fucking do). I guess I just look at it differently somehow, I’ll see people get blown away by moments such as Hodor’s death and the reveal of why he says Hodor and I just can’t help but find them silly. Despite that I still do think it is a well made show. However this moment from the season 7 opener left me scratching my head for other reasons. 

So this cameo opens up with Ed Sheeran with a group of soldiers singing a song that apparently has significance in the books (I haven’t read any of them and probably won’t) about Tyrion. So maybe that song is going to come into play more later, but who knows. The rest of the scene was Arya joining them for something to eat and objectively it was quite a good scene. Sheeran wasn’t given much to do other than the singing because he’s not an actor. He didn’t have many lines and when he wasn’t talking he was just blankly staring off at nothing but you can’t blame him for that, he as not an actor. I don’t want to come here and shit all over him for this because he didn’t ruin the episode but it was very distracting but it wasn’t his fault. 

It distracted me because historically there’s one reason why a show would employ this sort of obvious cameo from a non acting celebrity, and that’s to try to win back some viewers. When a show is failing they try desperate measures to win back the audience. Problem there is, GAME OF THRONES ISN’T LOSING ITS AUDIENCE!!! People jizz in their pants at the very mention of the friggin’ show. So the whole rest of the episode I could barely concentrate because I was just wondering the whole time why they did that. Dare I say it was a potentially shark jumping moment for the show.

Despite this scene I did actually really enjoy the episode. I spoke to some people who had complaints about the lack of action. This didn’t really bother me because I prefer the show when they step back from the brutality and have some real moments. I’m a cynical fuck and those ‘shock’ moments often make me roll my eyes.

What did you think of the episode and of the Ed Sheeran cameo? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and until next time, take it easy.

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