‘Venom’ Movie Supposedly Part of the MCU 

When it was announced that Sony were putting out stand alone Venom, Black Cat and Silver Sable movies it was not only suspected that they would be in a separate movie universe from the MCU but Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige outright said in a recent interview that those were separate projects that just Sony were handling and that they had no current plans of using Venom in the MCU. So it was a surprise for a lot of people to hear in a joint interview with Kevin Feige and Sony producer Amy Pascal that Amy Pascal was saying that these movies would be in an adjoining universe to the MCU. People all over the Internet were quick to point out that Kevin Feige looks, shall we say uneasy about Amy Pascal making these announcements but if they were completely untrue Marvel would have issued a statement to clarify things by now so let’s assume there is truth to it and think about what this could mean.

So does this mean Kevin Feige was playing coy when he said that they were separate and they had no plans for Venom? Or did something change that made him change his mind? Could it be that when Sony nabbed Tom Hardy to play Venom in their movie Marvel were suddenly interested? Nothing but speculation there and a complete stretch but you can’t deny that there were a lot of people who suddenly got interested in that movie when that casting announcement came out.

There’s also the question of how ‘adjoined’ will it be with the MCU? Will it be connected in the sense that other characters such as Spider-man might make appearances? Or will it be like the Netflix shows where it’s connected by mention only? They could make it work either way but truthfully, for Venom I’m still trying to wrap my head around how they would make that work without Spider-man. Also I would like, even to see Spider-man appear in Black Cat because I do like,  the dynamic between those two characters from the comics/ games and whatever.

Something else that needs to be addressed is the rumour that the Venom movie was possibly getting an ‘R-rating’. I say that in the American sense because an R-rating in the US usually translates to MA15+ here in Australia. Kevin Feige did recently say an R-rated MCU movie isn’t beyond possibility but they definitely have no current plans to do so, so would Marvel allow Sony to go for that rating or would they have to tone it down to match the tone of the MCU? I’d truly be fine with either rating as long as whatever they do serves the story. I dont want them to go for the R-rating for the sake of it, and I also don’t want them to have good story they want to tell but have to reel it in to fit the rating and therefore sabotage themselves.

My last thoughts on this because this has become longer than I intended it to be. When it was announced that Spider-man was getting rebooted again into the MCU a lot of people wanted them to go with the Miles Morales version because they were a bit fatigued from Peter Parkers story. I wasn’t in that boat, I wanted the original Spider-man to get the first shot interacting with the Avengers on the big screen. Having said that I didn’t need Peter Parker to be white. He could be any race you want, just as long as you capture the personality of the character that’s all I care about. I do however think they’ve cast the perfect guy for the role. So after all this Sony now have an animated movie coming to theatres next year centered on the Miles Morales Spider-man. I’m looking forward to seeing that but i always wondered if they were using that as a guage of audience reaction to possibly bring him in to the live action field. My thoughts were that there would be Peter Parker as the MCU Spider-man and Miles Morales would be the Spider-man of the Venom, Black Cat and Silver Sable movies. In my humble opinion that could have worked well for both Marvel and Sony and once they got over the confusion of who was part of what universe it could have been great for audiences too. But it looks like none of that’s going to be the case.

What do you think about this news? Are you jazzed or do you wish they were separate? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and until next time, take it easy. 

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