The Great Adam West

I cant remember what it was I saw first, the Tim Burton Batman movie or the 1966 Batman movie but, as much as I loved both of them, I know which one was my favourite. I couldn’t even count how many times I would wake up early as a kid, sneak out while everyone was still asleep and put that movie on. At that point I had never seen an episode of the TV series but I was obsessed with this movie. As a kid Adam West was my Batman as he was for generations of people over the decades.

He of course had a long and successful career separate of the Batman character and that’s why he stayed relevant, because he truly was a remarkable performer whose back catalogue should definitely be checked out by anyone and everyone. Despite his steady work flow he saw an enormous resurgence when he joined Family Guy playing Mayor Adam West. It what is not really even a characturised version of himself he once again became a big name but none of that would have worked out if it wasn’t for his fantastic comedic sensibilities.

It seems somewhat appropriate that his final performance, I may be wrong on this, I think is going to be Batman in the sequel to the animated Return of the Caped Crusaders. In the meantime I’m going to binge Batman, Family Guy and hopefully at least one streaming service will start streaming his other works in memoriam.

So in the end RIP to this incredible performer who spent many many decades bringing joy into so many people’s lives. I definitely will miss seeing and hearing him and wish my absolute condolences to all of his loved ones.


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