Review: Wonder Woman  (probable spoilers) 

“I just watched a good DC movie!” That’s what some random guy excitedly said to me and my mates when he was leaving the movie. I have to say I agreed with his excitement and relief. I’ve never hidden the fact I’ve been critical of the DCEU thus far. None of the other movies really worked for me, they had more issues than they should have and didn’t quite hit the standard I expected from them. But just when I was ready to give up hope Wonder Woman comes along as the shining example of hope.

Wonder Woman stars Gal Gadot as the titular hero along with Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Connie Nielsen as Queen Hippolyta, David Thewlis as Sir Patrick Morgan/ Ares and is directed by Patty Jenkins.

The movie opens in present time with Diana Prince working at the Louvre and receiving a gift from Bruce Wayne, the photograph that was seen in Batman v Superman. Upon seeing this Diana reminisces about her life growing up on Themyscira and training to be a great warrior. Upon the sudden arrival of Steve Trevor, a battle follows and the Amazon’s learn of the great war that is being waged around the world. Convinced it is the work of Ares the God of War, Diana the princess of the Amazon’s feels it’s her duty to venture out to the world to destroy Ares which will end the war.

The movie is beautifully shot, Patty Jenkins was a fantastic choice to helm this project. There was so much riding on this movie working and she knocked it out of the park. The story flows really well and was never dull. They seamlessly wove together this narrative making Diana a naive, fish-out-of-water type while still making her a strong, intelligent bad ass. In that there’s a constant struggle where Diana is looking at the world as it should be, as she’d like it to be and everybody just accepting the world for what it is. This shows the inspiring nature of the character of Wonder Woman where everybody else is ready to give up or concede to being helpless, she will always fight. She will always charge head first in to save anyone and everyone.

There isn’t much negative I can say about this movie, it really is quite excellent. One thing that left me with questions though and this is a big spoiler, don’t read the rest of this paragraph if you haven’t seen the movie…. So Diana’s mission is to kill Ares so that his influence on man will stop and the war will end. Then after an awesome battle (and it is awesome) Ares is struck down and the war ends. But historically there are many more wars to come. So either that means that Ares supposed influence meant nothing or his influence is eternal and killing him changes nothing. Whatever the case of the future, the movie wraps up really satisfyingly and deeply emotional. 

This is an incredibly important achievement in Hollywood.  First of all its the first successful attempt at a female superhero movie which shows Studios that when made right, people will show up to see women kicking arse. Also this was the first time ever a female director cracked $100 million opening weekend for the US box office and that is an incredible achievement and is guaranteed the first of many many more to come. With so many incredibly talented female directors working today I look forward to seeing them get more opportunities like this, this is truly their time now. I give Wonder Woman and 8.5/10.

What did you think of Wonder Woman. Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and until next time, take it easy. 

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