30DMC Day 24: Favourite Documentary 

There are countless incredible and gripping documentaries that shed light on the horrible things in this world that people try to keep hidden. So many brave journalists and documentarians that put themselves at risk to bring people the truth and to shine a spotlight on the things people don’t know about or don’t want to think about. I love a good documentary but a lot of these ones just make me feel kicked in the guts when they’re done and that’s a good thing, they should make you feel. That all being said the documentary I chose for this was one for more entertainment value. One I could watch again and again.

Conan o’Brien is one of my all time favourite comedians and I, like many people, watched on as the events leading up to his dismissal from The Tonight Show took place and was very much part of the Tom Hanks coined Team Coco. One of the terms of his contract release was Conan wasn’t allowed to appear on television for a number of months so Conan and his team came up with the idea for this tour in the meantime. Conan o’Brien Can’t Stop follows Conan on this tour and goes in depth into the fear and anger and exhaustion he was dealing with while on this tour. It’s interesting and kind of funny to see him complain out of exhaustion about how many shows he has to do and the meet and greets and everything, then it will show on a rare day off he’ll put on an impromptu show. It really highlights the little of the movie, he really can’t stop.

It’s a really interesting documentary and gets deep into one of my favourite comedians and I suggest anyone who is a fan of Conan to check this out.

What’s your favourite documentary? Let me know in the comments. Check in tomorrow for a movie nobody would expect me to love. Thanks for reading and until next time, take it easy. 

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