Three X-men Movies Coming Next Year

It has been revealed that Fox has set three X-men movies next year marking the most they have done in a single year in this universe. First up we will be getting the debut of New Mutants in April which is set to kick off a whole new bunch of characters. It is unclear at this stage how or if it will connect to their other properties. Coming in June next year is the highly anticipated sequel to Deadpool. It was just recently revealed that Josh Brolin would be playing the hugely popular character Cable which will be the third comic book character Brolin will have portrayed on screen. Now it’s also been reveled that X-men Dark Phoenix will be coming out next November. 

Dark Phoenix has been a bit up in the air after 2016’s X-men Apocalypse was met with less than favourable reviews. Since then Bryan Singer has stepped away from the project and it still isn’t known who will step in to direct. Sophie Turner who played Jean Grey in Apocalypse has confirmed she’s returning and it is assumed the other young cast will aways well. There has been no confirmation on whether or not James McAvoy  (Professor X) Michael Fassbender (Magneto) or Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique) will return in any of these movies as their contracts ended after Apocalypse. They have teased the possibility at times so it could happen. I would also hope for a return of Evan Peters as Quicksilver as he’s been a highlight of the past two X-men movies.

What do you think? Which movie are you most looking forward to? Or do you not care for any? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and until next time, take it easy.

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