30DMC Day 22: Most Underrated Movie

Warrior is a 2011 movie directed by Gavin O’connor and stars Joel Edgerton and Tom Hardy. By no means was this a poorly received movie but it did fail to match it’s budget and therefore is considered a bomb. It’s a real shame too because it is an incredible movie with such powerful performances from both leads. The story it follows is such an emotional one, the journey these two guys go on and the problems they face are really grounded and they reflect that in the film. The fight scenes are also expertly choreographed. Sometimes in movies like this you can get lost in the scuffle and not know what’s happening but in this you’re kept right there in the action and it makes for some incredible fights.

All in all I just think more people need to watch this movie, it’s an absolute gem that doesn’t get spoken of enough.

Have you seen Warrior? What movie do you think is underrated? Let me know in the comments. I didn’t do this yesterday like I should have so hold tight for a little bit and I’m putting up my choice for favourite character from a movie. Thanks for reading and until next time, take it easy. 

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