30DMC Day 21: Most Overrated Movie

Its become quite popular in recent years to say Avatar is a piece of garbage. I’m not going to say that because I don’t think it’s a bad movie but I definitely do think it was a bit overhyped upon release. 

Visually Avatar was spectacular, James Cameron without a doubt raised the bar in crafting this world of Pandora and that’s not unexpected from him. He truly is a master of his craft it’s just that in terms of story, this wasn’t exactly the layered or intriguing tale that Cameron is known for. His message of the movie is surprisingly heavy handed and lacks the subtext of some of his older works that have aged better. The acting gets quite suspect as well, mostly from the lead Sam Worthington who continuously slips between Australian and American accents and it’s very distracting. There are movies that are worse that I could have named as the most overrated but the thing that tipped it with this one is that I remembered upon its release that there were people crying and getting very seriously upset that Pandora wasn’t a real world and they would never be able to visit there. That actually fucking happened. That is some next level devotion right there and that’s why it lands as my most overrated movie. 

As I said its not a bad movie but the story really holds it back. James Cameron is currently working on i think it’s four sequels right now and I just hope he has something more to say with those. Based solely on the merits of the first I could take or leave one sequel let alone multiple but it is James Cameron we’re talking about here. He has crafted some of the most innovative and exciting movies of all time and whatever he puts out most people are going to be paying attention. There is the issue that the first sequel has been pushed back so many times that people won’t at all care about the franchise when it comes out but I’m sure he’s going to have some cool never before seen thing and alone lures soon a loneliness people get a glimpse into what he’s been working on, their interest will be piqued. 

What do you think is the most overrated movie? Let me know in the comments. Check in tomorrow for my most underrated movie. Thanks for reading and until next time, take it easy. 

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