Will Smith being eyed for live action ‘Aladdin’

With the continuation of making live action remakes of their classics, the new Aladdin movie is slowly coming together. There hasn’t been much talk of casting except that they’re looking to cast middle eastern actors which is absolutely he right way to go, especially with the vocal outcry of ‘whitewashing’ many Hollywood movies have been met with over the last few years. I would imagine the leads are going to be relatively unknown, at least to the western world but it was almost guaranteed that the role of Genie would go to an established actor/ comedian. Now reports are saying that Disney have their eyes on Will Smith for the role. This is an interesting development since earlier this year, Smith was in talks to appear in the Tim Burton directed adaptation of Dumbo however those talks gell through due to salary and scheduling according to reports. Obviously nothing here is a done deal but it would seem Disney is really keen to work with Will Smith. It makes sense in a way as he has been known to be a big draw for audiences and he is an incredible performer. 15-20 years ago this would have been a no brainer but then Smith seemed to have his eye on an Oscar with the roles he was choosing. Lately though he seems to be taking on more fun roles such as Deadshot in Suicide Squad and this might be a good fit for him. He definitely wasn’t on the top of my list. Depending on what they’re looking for in this adaptation my choices would have been Bill Hader or Bryan Cranston. If Will Smith does end up taking the role I’m definitely not going to be upset though and I would just hope he could capture some of the same charismatic magnitude that made him a star to begin with. Whoever takes the role they obviously have some gigantic shoes to fill as Genie is one of the most beloved roles of the late, great Robin Williams.

What do you think of the news? Who would be your top choice for Genie? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and until next, take it easy. 

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