30DMC Day 16: Last Movie I Saw in Theatres 

I did a review of The Lego Batman Movie so I won’t give you my thoughts on the movie, you can just go read the review but I will tell you about seeing it. Three weeks ago my second child was born, my beautiful son. This movie was actually released the day after his due fate though he came a week earlier. My wife and I were pretty bummed because we didn’t think we would get a chance to see the movie. Of course a silly movie is nothing compared to our kids but it was a movie we were both looking forward to. We’d forgotten that our local cinema does ‘parents with prams’ screenings of movies once a week. Basically they just pick the most family friendly movie and have a screening suited for parents with newborn babies. We decided to let my mother in law look after our daughter (she’s too young to sit through a whole movie) and took our new or nearly little son to the baby friendly scree ingredients of the movie. Turns out it doesn’t mean anything. We asked at the counter to double check and they responded “you can bring your kids to any screening, some parents just prefer these ones.” We thought hat was weird because we figured the parents with prams screenings would have slightly lower volume of something. Anything to make it easier for babies. Not at all, turns out its just a regular screening, no difference at all. We walked in the cinema and heard how loud it was (it probably seemed louder than it was because we were worried about our boy) and figured he was going to wake up, freak out and we weren’t going to get to see the movie. It would have been understandable for him to react that way, he’s just a little baby after all. Oddly enough the noise didn’t faze him one bit. He slept through almost the entire movie. It was around 20 minutes until the end that he got hungry so my wife missed the end of the movie. For a little baby to sit through all that noise for that long and not disturb anybody was astounding and we got a nice little outing out of it.

What’s the last movie you saw at the theatre? Let me know in the comments. Check back in tomorrow for the best movie I saw in the last year. Thanks for reading and until next time, take it easy. 


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