30DMC Day 13: A Movie I Used To Love But Now Hate

There it is. No build up, no saying how hard a decision it was, just this fucking movie. I’ll use the stupid punk kid defence and say I didn’t know any better though. Yeah I was a stupid kid and I saw a movie with ‘Batman’ in the title. Also it had Arnold Schwarzenegger in it, how could it be bad? Yeah I was a stupid kid. It’s hard to think in a weird twisted way, this and Batman Forever are supposed to be in the same time line as the Tim Burton/ Michael Keaton movies. The look, feel and just overall quality are polar opposite. They cool a cool, dark franchise and turned it into neon, goofy shit. I really couldn’t be arsed talking g about this movie anymore. Except for this, there’s an episode of American Dad where they call out George Clooney for his go to move of looking down then peering up. The last time I watched this movie was right before the midnight screening of when The Dark Knight Rises came out (because Bane yeah?) My friends and I played a drinking game, we took a shot every time Clooney did that move. We showed up to the screening shit faced.

What’s a movie you loved now hate? Hopefully my choice was never a thing for you. Thanks for reading and check in tomorrow for my favourite quote from movie. Until next time, take it easy. 


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