30DMC Day 12: My Favourite Animated Movie

There are so many animated movies that have been examples of incredible storytelling with great emotional depth and meaning. To say this was an easy choice to make would be an understatement. My choice very easily could have been Toy Story but I already talked about that in a previous post. Ultimately my favourite animated movie is…

I love everything about The Incredibles. This is one of those movies that gives multiple layers and just hits on every one of them. From the start of showing all these superheroes in their prime then cutting to years later when they’re all in forced retirement. It was a great angle to take with the genre to see how Bob (Mr Incredible) and Helen (Elastagirl) handle the retirement in different ways. Helen accepts it and focuses on their family whereas Bob can’t move on from it. It creates a very real and grounded family dynamic and with the addition of their children who are going through the same struggles as every other kid but with superpowers thrown in there as well, it really gets you invested in this family. The villain, Syndrome, is also handled incredibly well. His actions somewhat make sense. That’s not to say they’re justified or that they’re not evil, just that in that world where there are so many superheroes, it stands to reason that someone could be pushed to his limits. The action in this movie is fantastic as well. It really is quite a violent movie but it’s done in such a fun and entertaining way it softens the impact a bit. When this movie came out I was convinced a sequel was guaranteed to happen and then years went by and I had given up hope. When it was finally announced I was so jazzed, next year can’t come soon enough.

What’s your favourite animated movie? Does The Incredibles rate high for you? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and check in later for day 13: a movie I used to love but now hate. Until next time, take it easy.


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