30DMC Day 8: A Movie That Makes me Sad

I’m not really one to shed a tear in movies. I feel the sadness they invoke and all the emotion but I very rarely get to that point of welling up. That being said the movie I picked for this one is, from memory, the first dramatic movie I ever sat and watched of my own accord, and it did make me shed a tear. 

I cant remember how old I was (maybe 10?) when I was watching TV in my room and Forrest Gumption came on. I figured it would be boring and I was sure I would change the channel, just as soon as I could be bothered to get and and do that. Around 30 minutes in I found myself locked into the movie. I was I terested in it, I was enjoying it but it was heavy. The shit this guy was going good through and the struggles, I was with him every step of the way. So in the end of the movie, everything that happens, I couldn’t help but feel the tears forming firstly in happiness for him then quickly shifts to sadness. This is a movie that I’ll always hold on to as the first movie that really made me feel and that’s pretty special. 

What’s a movie that makes you sad? Is it the same as mine? Let ,even know in the comments. Check in tomorrow for day 9: a movie I know practically the whole script of. This one’s going to require some thought. Thanks for reading and until next time, take, even it easy.


4 thoughts on “30DMC Day 8: A Movie That Makes me Sad

  1. Forest Gump is a whirl-wind of emotion. Yeah, I agree, I thought it was going to be super long and boring, but then it hits its stride and you’re sucked in for the rest of it. So many iconic moments too!

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