30DMC Day 6: My Favourite Comedy Movie

This one was surprisingly easy for me despite the incredible number of fantastic comedies there were to choose from. However the one that I could watch over and over again and never get tired of would have to be…

I couldn’t even keep track of how many times I’ve watched The 40 Year Old Virgin and I love it no less than I did the first time I saw it. The chemistry between all the cast is just outstanding and the fact that most of the dialogue is improvised is a testament to their impressive talent that they could play off each other like that and make it seem effortless. I’m a big fan of director Judd Apatow and I think this, his directorial debut for a feature film is still his best work. This is also the first movie I ever listened to a commentary for and although I absolutely love listening to them now, I feel like this one can’t be topped. Another thing we have to be thankful for is this movie helped boost the career of Jonah Hill who has obviously gone on to do incredible things. Really this movie could have been a crude, dumb mess but turned out incredibly funny with a sweet and charming story that still holds up today. 

What’s your all time favourite comedy? How does my choice stack up to yours? Let me know in the comments. Come back tomorrow for day 7 of my movie challenge picks where I talk about a movie that makes me happy. Thanks for reading and until next time, take it easy. 


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