30DMC Day 2: The Last Movie I Watched

I apologise in advance for this,  I’m going to explain myself then talk a little about the movie. The last movie I watched is…. it was… well…

So let me start by saying I have no illusions, this is a bad movie. It’s really bad. However, I watched it about a hundred times when I was a kid. I was probably 6 when it came out though I didn’t see it at the cinema. So why did I watch this? Well there’s no answer to really justify it but the situation was this. Both my kids were finally asleep, my wife was asleep, I was flicking through the things Netflix had just added (it being the first of the month and all) and through the number of really good things that were now streaming I came upon this. I hadn’t watched it in years and this was the prime opportunity to watch shit like this. I was tired from a non stop week and wasn’t really in the mood for something I’d have to concentrate on so I put on something I could just zone out in.

As for the movie itself, what’s to say that hasn’t been said for the past 23 years? Dialogue and acting are tough to sit through, the fight scenes are few and far between and really not that impressive. Casting choices were questionable and some main characters people were excited to see were just screwed out of being anything. I’ll give Raul Julia a break for Bison because the man was unwell filming and unfortunately died before its release. The concept of the story fits for what a movie version of that game should be but the execution of it was not great. As I said I hadn’t watched it in years and I noticed something else a bit odd. As I mentioned Raul Julia died before the films release and when the credits roll there is a dedication tribute to him, yet they still placed an end credits scene teasing a return of Bison in a potential sequel. So they were basically saying “Don’t worry Raul, we will recast you”. I just found dead that a bit strange. 

What movies from your childhood have you revisited as an adult? Did they hold up? Let ,even know in the comments. Stay tuned tomorrow for day 3 of the 30 Day Movie Challenge. Thanks for reading and till next time, take it easy.


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