Venom movie still happening 

Back when the Amazing Spider-man movies were still happening, one of the spin off movies announced in that universe was a Venom and Carnage movie that, from memory, wasn’t to feature Spider-man at all. The outcry from that announcement was that it was a mistake. Then the deal with Marvel Studios happened and the Spider verse movies were all scrapped but there remained hints that a stand alone Venom movie could still be planned. So the MCU gets to share Spider-man and his debut in Civil War was fantastic and the first stand alone, the upcoming Spiderman Homecoming is one of my most anticipated movies of the year. With all of this though Sony still announced their own animated Spider-man movie based on the Miles Morales version of the character that would be completely separate from the MCU. There’s nothing wrong with that plan at all, I’m looking forward to that and I hope its a catalyst to one day seeing get that character in a live action movie one day.

So today the announcement comes that the Venom movie has itself a release date in October of 2018 along with the news that it would indeed be separate from the MCU and no version of Spider-man would feature in it. Separate from MCU and no Spider-man. WHY FUCKING BOTHER?!?!?!?!?! This idea is just dumb and will confuse a lot of people. People know the origins of Venom are deeply connected to Spider-man and unless they keep tabs on movie news and everything they will be expecting Tom Holland’s Spider-man to show up. He never will and they will be disappointed. Also what story would they tell then? Would it be a different origin? Would he be hero, villain or anti-hero? What other characters would appear? Will anybody care to have these questions answered? I love the character of Venom and especially the dynamic between him and Spidey. I would much prefer the character of Eddie Brock be established for a couple of movies then become Venom and take on this MCU Spider-man. 

What do you think? Are you keen for a COMPLETELY separate Venom movie? Even with it being produced by the people who lost themselves control of Spider-man?  Comment, let me know. Thanks for reading this here thing and till next time, take it easy.


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