Ending of ‘Logan’ (SPOILERS!!!!!)

So a picture was posted to twitter of a couple of screen grabs that has people kind of going nuts. The top pic is from The Wolverine of the scene where the character of Yukio (Rila Fukushima) explains the premonition she saw of Logan’s death, that he would be lying on his back, surrounded by blood, holding his own heart in his hand. Then the second pic shows Logan’s death in Logan specifically a close up of him covered in blood, lying on his back, holding Laura’s  (his daughter pretty much) hand. The implications of this side by side comparison are very poetic and very beautiful and they suggested that director James Mangold was planning this all along. Mangold himself even responded seemingly confirming this and now people are flipping out that he had been planning this beautifully tragic ending since The Wolverine. I dont think that’s what he meant nor what happened.

I honestly don’t believe they had this end for the Wolverine character mapped out like that so far, instead I would think it more likely that when they were crafting the story for Logan, they went back and watched The Wolverine and saw an opportunity for something great. My evidence towards this is that the scene of him holding his own heart covered in blood took place in that movie, it definitely played out. Also, they had no idea at the time what story, if any, they were going to tell next and Hugh Jackman hadn’t decided to end his run as Wolverine yet. I do buy that they’ve made a connection there though, even if that’s me just being optimistic, because it really does make an already incredibly emotional and heartbreaking moment even more powerful.

What do you think? Do you think it was planned all along or do you think it’s a coincidence? Let me know! Thanks for reading and till next time, take it easy.


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