Review: Logan (probable spoilers)

Director: James Ma gold

Starring: Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Boyd Holbrook and Dafne Keen

When I was 11 years old, yeah 11 years old, X-men was released, the first live action telling of the mutant super heroes. I was blown away by that movie, I absolutely loved it. It was really the dawning of a new age of comic book movies. Not only did it announce that movies based on comic books can be serious in tone but also have a point, have something relevant to say. Through the following years the X-men movies have had their ups and downs. Some movies have been damn near masterpieces, and others have fallen kind of flat. Throughout all of these years there has been a consistent though, Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine. His solo outings haven’t always been met with praise but Hugh has never turned in a bad performance for this character. Now here I am at 28 years of age, talking about his last time putting on the claws, the last run for Wolverine.
The opening scene to this movie makes things very clear, this is not your typical X-men movie. Logan wakes up drunk in the back of his limo to a group of criminals trying to steal his tyres. This scene is brutal, it is violent. This is the Wolverine people had been waiting 17 years to see. In its simplest form, this movie is a road trip of Logan and an ailing Professor X taking a little girl Laura aka X-23 aka Logans kind of genetic daughter to a safe place where the corporation that created her, can’t get to her. That’s the through line story but what this movie is truly about is family. The relationship between Professor X and Logan is the big emotional drive of the movie. The showcase of two of the most powerful people (in their own ways) who have ever lived are now old, broken and beaten down by what the world has become.

What I liked:

Things I liked about this movie are so plentiful I’ll list them off in no particular order. Firstly it was the violence. This is a character who has lived 200 years of violence and rage and that’s what you want to showcase in this final movie. Every action scen in this movie is absolutely top notch. The incredible reveal that Professor X is the one who killed the X-men and probably others was a very powerful moment which ultimately led into his death. I loved little moments like Logan’s claws not coming out properly and the fact X-23 has feet claws. The most gutting moment definitely is Logan’s eventual death. In this last movie I knew going in that he would most likely not be surviving this movie and what a way to go out. It’s a very touching moment that brings a tear to your eye. The beautiful imagery is another huge plus for this movie, the way it’s shot is just stunning. The pacing of the film is something that some people have had a problem with, there are definitely moments where everything slows down for a while and I can understand complaints, but it’s in these moments where the characters are truly built and it makes the exciting action pay off that much more.

Things I didn’t like:

There’s not really anything to say here. There isn’t really anything I didn’t like. There’s moments I wasn’t sure of at first like the reveal of X-24 which is just a straight up clone of Wolverine but ultimately I think they were handled well and didn’t detract at all from the movie.

All in all I loved this movie and strongly urge anyone to go see it. Earlier I mentioned some X-men movies came close to being masterpieces, well this movie in my opinion lands there as all masterpiece. It’s an epic, emotional story that will forever be remembered as a straight up incredible movie. I give Logan a 9.9

Thanks so much for reading, have you seen Logan? What did you think? Let me know in the comments. I’m about to post something else regarding reviews so please have a look at that too. Till next time, take it easy.


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