Thoughts: Nightwing movie in development

In the wake of the awesome news (it is awesome despite the drama it rose from) that Matt Reeves would be directing The Batman, WB has announced plans for a Nightwing movie with Lego Batman Movie director Chris McKay set to help,  the project. Nightwing is of course the mantle taken up by Batmans first Robin, Dick Grayson, after ageing out from being Boy Wonder.

I’m conflicted on this news because on the one hand, I wish WB would stop announcing movies left and right and just focus on the ones that had already been announced. On the other hand, seeing Nightwing on the big screen sounds really fucking awesome. Part of me would prefer them to get the Flash movie under control before announcing other projects. Then again I want to believe that the recent drama is the end of it, they have their shit together, they know what they want to do and are going to execute it flawlessly. I’d love to believe that but i think the fans need to see it happening first. 

Another thought I had on this matter is with all these recent rumours of Ben Affleck wanting out as Batman, maybe this was WB’s way of quashing that. In a Nightwing movie, people would be expecting Batman to at least make an appearance so if these movie is a go, Ben Affleck would presumably be involved.

As always thanks for reading reading. What do you think, are you keen for a Nightwing movie? Let me know in the comments we’ll chat about it. Till next time take it easy.


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