Quickshot: New X-men movie filming this year?

Sophie Turner, who played Jean Grey in last year’s X-men Apocalypse, recently announced that she will start filming a new X-men movie later this year which came as a surprise to many people. Not long after that James McAvoy (Charles Xavier) seemingly hinted similarly and since then fans have been awaiting further news or at least a confirmation of this. Well we got our further news in the former that Simon Kinberg is supposedly writing the script and there is potential for him to direct it. 

The interesting thing here is that Kinberg has never directed anything before. He has however been a writer and a very hands on producer for many years. It’s not uncommon for someone with one or two low budget movies under their belt to get their shot at a big budget blockbuster but to go straight to big budget is a surprise move. The argument can of course be made that Kinberg has been on set working closely with a number of directors and has seen how it all works so he should have some idea what he would be getting into. Whether working with a big or small budget a good storyteller is a good storyteller and Simon Kinberg has definitely written and/or produced some great stories such as X-men: Days of Future Past, Deadpool and The Martian, but he has also been involved in some stinkers such as XXX: States of the Union, Fantastic Four and Chappie. Nothing here has been confirmed though and someone else could very well end up directing.

The movie is believed to be once again set 10 years after the previous film and is expected to tackle the very popular Dark Phoenix saga from the X-men comics. 

As always thanks for reading. What do you think, are you excited for a new X-men movie? Would you be keen for Simon Kinberg to direct? Let me know in the comments, we’ll chat about it. Till next time take it easy.


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