Thoughts: Excitement for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2’

Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios

So Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 is still a couple of months away but I just wanted to share some thoughts about the success of this property and the level of hype surrounding this movie. Now I’ll admit when the first one was announced I wasn’t really that psyched about it even though they had a great director, strong cast and the trailers looked really cool, I just wasn’t that hyped. The reason was I,  like most going into this movie, wasn’t familiar with the characters or their stories. I was already a big, big fan of the MCU and everything they had been doing but this one was truly a big risk for Marvel. When it opened, my wife who doesn’t really watch many movies was more excited than me to see it. So we went and saw it and we both just loved it, sentiments that were mirrored all over the world because this movie was a big surprise hit. Since then I’ve often thought about how a largely unknown property could make such a huge impact like this.

Well firstly there’s the obvious reasons and they’re ones I mentioned above. First of all it was taking place in the MCU which was, and still is, churning out hit after hit after hit. Movie goers trust this universe that’s been created and know when they go see a Marvel movie, they’re going to have a good time. Then they got a great director in James Gunn who not only is a great storyteller with his movies, but is a big comic book nerd who knows the world of these characters. He committed fully to his movie, put everything he had into it and it definitely shows. Then they assembled a cast of incredibly talented people and they clearly just gel together. The team dynamic, while dysfunction, works so well on screen. 

There’s also a deeper reason I feel, one that gets overlooked. It’s also a reason I mentioned above, people didn’t really know the characters. The big comic book properties like Superman, Batman and Spider-man are the biggest comic book characters in the world, even people who don’t read comic books love them and feel a connection with them. They’ve been around for decades and decades and have had many people put many different spins on the characters. That’s where things can become a nightmare cinematically. Because people love these characters and have their own personal favourite interpretation of the characters they get an idea in their head of what they want the film version to be and if they don’t feel that flavour represented enough in the film they will tear it a new arse hole.  That’s what turned out being great about Guardians of the Galaxy, not many people went in there with an idea of what they wanted their Guardians movie to be. They could just let them tell a great story and be thoroughly entertained. However none of this can overshadow the fact that the success of the movie does come down to the cast and crew putting together something truly fantastic.

So like most of the world I am very much looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 which looks to be bigger and (possibly) better than the first one, and it’s exciting these characters will be appearing in Infinity War next year. Thanks for reading, are you looking forward to Guardians 2 or Infinity War? Comment, let me know, let’s talk about it. Till next time, take it easy.


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