Thoughts: ‘R’ rated comic book movies

Logan is coming out in just a few short weeks and there has been a lot of hype about it being ‘R rated’ in the US but here in Australia it’s most likely just going to be MA15+. It was the same for Deadpool, another comic book movie hyped for being R rated.

It’s interesting to think about the differences in rating systems between the two countries. A prime example is Batman v. Superman where the theatrical version was rated pg-13 in the US and here it was rated M which is basically the equivalent of pg-13. The Ultimate Edition on the other hand was rated R is the US whereas here in Australia there was no change in the rating. Still M. A movie has to be pretty violent or technically be soft porn to get an R rating in Australia, probably because an R rating here is 18+. Things were different decades ago though. There are action movies from back when that are rated R here that would make that cut by today’s standards. And in reverse of that there are new movies that are MA15+ that would have definitely been R years ago.

No real point to this post, just been thinking about it and how when a movie coming out is ‘rated R’ I can’t really get too excited about that fact.

Thanks for reading and take it easy


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