Thoughts: Avengers: Infinity War filming

Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios

Since Avengers: Infinity War is currently filming I just wanted to reflect a little on this since it is undeniably one of the biggest undertakings in cinematic history.

When Iron Man fist hit in 2008 and gave us that post credits scene teasing the Avengers making their way to the big screen people were simultaneously hyped and  curious as to whether it could even be done properly. Then in 2012 director Joss Whedon showed us that it could be done and it was glorious. Looking back 2012 seemed greedy at the time for comic book movies. Not only did we get Avengers but we also got The Dark Knight Rises which I also absolutely loved (not as much as it’s predecessor of course but that was an impossibly high bar to top). During the end credits of that first Avengers movie we got out first glimpse of Thanos, one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel catalogue, and with it came the promise that the Avengers would one day fave this powerful foe.

Since then the MCU has continued to expand its universe and grow it’s roster of heroes ever impressively. To date not a single movie in the MCU has been met negatively by either critics or fans which is an astounding feat. It’s especially impressive since many of these movies consist of lesser known properties such as Ant-Man, Doctor Strange and the Guardians of the Galaxy (I’m going to talk about them more in a future post).

So for the next year all of these heroes, seriously fucking all of them, are going to be working hard on Infinity War and the as yet untitled Avengers 4 which is all being filmed back to back. Not only is the scale of the films going to be massive but the cast is enormous. Not to mention the fact that most of the cast a far more famous now than when they originally signed on and therefore bank a considerably higher payday for their work. I have my theories about the title and what not of the 4th movie but I’ll save that for another post. It’s getting late and this drivel is getting long. These were just some words that spewed out of my head since these movies are finally underway. Thanks for reading and take it easy.


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