Thoughts: Lego Batman release dates

Ok so firstly let’s go back to February 2014. A little movie by the name of The Lego Movie was released for most of the world to enjoy. Most of the world. Here in Australia we had to wait until April for enjoy this movie on the big screen. You see the powers that be thought it would be a perfect idea to hold it off till school holidays, surely that won’t present any problems. Except reminder: THE YEAR WAS 2014!!!! Making people wait 2 months for a highly anticipated movie that the rest of the world was raving about, people didn’t wait. They pirated it. I didn’t do that I pace to add, I waited and saw it in the cinema but a lot of people pirated it. They realised they fucked up big time and vowed never to make that mistake again.

Ok so here we are back in February of 2017, the Lego Batman Movie has been released to most of the world. Most of the world. Here in Australia we have to wait until the end of March. Wait, why does this sound so fucking familiar? BECAUSE THEY’RE DOING THE SAME SHIT AGAIN!!! The reviews were coming in, the movie was coming out so I checked online for my local cinema to see when it was coming here and was shocked to see it was no time soon. I thought it had to be a mistake but no. It is truly not coming out til March 30th. Now that would be frustrating but it presented another obstacle. You see my wife and I were really looking forward to this movie and we would normally be fine to wait but we won’t be seeing this movie for a long long time. The thing is, our son is due to be born the day before the movie opens. Now obviously that’s far more important than a movie and we’re of course far more excited (and terrified) to meet our son, it was just a little ‘just our luck’ kind of situation.

So back to the actual ramifications of this move. Well, see above. It’s the same as before. Piracy, people will be pirating this movie because of the wait. The hype for the movie is happening now. Of course the movie will still crush financially. It’s a good time for that movie to be released, school holidays, parents needing things to do with their kids. It is going to own.  But it’s not like it would have done shit business now. People would still be flocking in to see it. 

End of the day I just don’t understand this bizarre repeat of past mistakes. One day I’ll get to see the movie a day one day I’ll get to talk about it with the rest of you. Til then take it easy. 


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