Review: Trainspotting  (1996)

With T2: Trainspotting hitting theatres soon I thought I would do my first ever movie review on the first movie since I just watched it again the other night. Enjoy.

Director: Danny Boyle

Starring: Ewan McGregor as Mark Renton, Ewen Bremner as Spud, Johnny Miller as Sick Boy, Robert Carlyle as Begbie and Kelly Macdonald as Diane.

Based on the book from author Irvine Welsh, Trainspotting is a movie about a group of friends in Edinburgh, Scotland, most of whom are addicted to heroin. The plot centres on Renton (McGregor) and his struggles with trying to escape his life of drug addiction whilst also trying to break away from his unstable group of friends.

Before the other night I hadn’t seen this movie in many many years. I was probably 11 or so when I first saw it. I remember thinking how weird it was to see Obi Wan Kenobi like this. Its always interesting to look back at a more adult themed movie you say you liked as a kid without truly being able to understand or identify fully what was happening and coming back to this movie with adult eyes certainly didn’t disappoint. There are scenes in this movie that certainly hit hard, especially as a father to a young child. 

The performances in this movie are fantastic. The cast do a superb job of portraying the desperation of an addiction and the twisted justifications for their criminal actions to support their habits. All the main characters in the movie have their own character arc though some are much more subtle than others. Rentons arc is the most significant as a man who is realising it’s time to move on from the chaotic, unchanging influences in his life.

Outside of the performances, the direction by Danny Boyle is what brings this movie to life. The way the movie is shot really highlights the grim and suffocating bubble that addicts live in. There are also certain sequences that visually show the mindset of the characters whether they be in a heroin induced haze or coping with the hell of withdrawal. 

Some negatives about the movie are that at times its hard to separate the fact that these characters are mostly u likable because they’re a bunch of shit bags. There are moments where characters go through some tragedies and while I feel the pain of it,  I couldn’t have any sympathy for the character experiencing it.

Overall this is a fantastic movie that does a great job of sucking you into this world you would never in a million years want to be part of. I give Trainspotting an 8/10 

As I said this was my first ever movie review if you don’t count bullshit ones for school I put no effort into. In front of my class I got up and reviewed The Ladies Man Starring SNL alum. Tim Meadows. I might re- review that one day. Just a thought. 

Thanks for reading this, those that got this far. Take it easy and and keep it sleazy.


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