Movies for Valentines Day

So in just over a week Valentines Day will be upon us and it’s looking like I’ll actually have the night off work for it this year. With that in mind I thought I would look up my local cinema to see what might be playing then so I could take my wife for dinner and a movie (aka night off from mummy duties) and I’m a little concerned by what I’m seeing. I should add that last year we went and saw Deadpool for Valentines Day so that will be a tough act to follow.

First of all I looked at what would be coming out between now and then. Unfortunately the only new movie coming out between now and then is Fifty Shades Darker and neither one of us have any interest in that. My wife’s girlfriends dragged her to the first one and she literally fell asleep so I think I’m clear for this one. Secondly I looked at what is already playing now that might carry over until Valentines Day and the one that sticks out to me is Lion. Recently she was looking for a new book to read and I suggested this book as something that sounded interesting. So my wife read it and loved it, I fully intend on reading it when I have the time. I read the prologue and it definitely hooked me so I would be very interested to check the movie out and I don’t think my lovely wife would disapprove. My final options are a bit of a gamble. Sometimes my local cinema has been known to screen movies earlier than their release for the sake of this most holiest of days, (at least holiest of days of that week in February). In that case there are two movies releasing later that week that h9ld potential. The first possibility, and I give it little more than possibility, is Hidden Figures. This is a movie I’m certainly very eager to see. Not only has it been getting strong reviews from critics I respect but it’s a story I wasn’t aware of and a story that surprises me hasn’t been told yet. Furthermore this movie would be right up my wife’s alley so I’m holding on to hope for this. The other, and in my opinion a very little, Ely option for early screening, is La La Land. This movie has been on everybody’s lips for a while now and as someone who isn’t that into musicals, I’m pretty interested to check out what all the fuss is about. I would honestly be surprised if they didn’t screen La La Land early as an alternative for people who didn’t want Fifty Shades Darker to be their main option for a Valentines date.

My personal hopes are for either Hidden Figures or Lion but I’ll have to wait till closer to the date to find out what my options are. What do you all think I should take my wife to? What movies here have you seen? What did you think of them? Any feedback would be appreciated, on this topic, what you think of my posts or maybe suggestions on what I should write about next.

Thanks and stay awesome.


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