Thoughts: Future of Transformers Movies

So the 5th… 5th?… 5th movie in the Transformers franchise is on its way with Transformers: The Last Knight director Michael Bay is suggesting this will probably be his last one. Of course he has made this announcement with each of the last couple of movies but I want to look at the possibility that this time could actually be legit.

I was about 17 when the first movie came out and it didn’t blow me away but I thought it was fine, still a disappointment though. The second movie, Revenge of the Fallen, I definitely liked less but didn’t care enough to hate it. The third movie, Dark of the Moon, I can barely remember anything about and I’ve never watched the fourth one (Age of Extinction). I may watch it one day, I may not and I feel the same, even way about the upcoming The Last Knight.

Now I don’t avoid these movies out of some ‘Fuck Michael Bay’ or ‘Why do these dumb movies keep getting made’ attitude. I dont have a specific problem with Michael Bay, I just don’t particularly enjoy many of his movies and of course these movies keep getting made, they make insane amounts of money. But I am excited to see what will happen with a fresh set of hands on the steering wheel. If I’m not mistaken I believe Mark Wahlberg has signed on to do three of these movies and a whole collection of writers have gotten together to plan the future of the franchise. What I would be most interested in seeing is scaling back the human characters and focusing ,ore on the Transformers, they are after all the titular characters.

On the other hand, there’s always the possibility that someone else takes over and the movie could fail. In that case I could imaging the studio offering Michael Bay absolutely ridiculous amounts of money to come back. Optimistically though a fresh take on the story could reinvigorate the franchise and perhaps bring fans back who have fallen off of this franchise.

Thanks for reading these quick little nothing thoughts I had on this. Hopefully it didn’t waste your day too much.

Bye and stuff


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