Thoughts: Batfleck and the DCEU

A few years ago when it was revealed that Ben Affleck was playing Batman in the follow up to Man of Steel people all over the Internet went crazy. I was not on that negativity train but I wasn’t over the moon either. After his recent hits beforehand I felt there was no reason to believe he couldn’t pull it off, but I have a confession to make; when the casting announcement was made I HADN’T YET SEEN MAN OF STEEL! I had really wanted to and people kept telling me I’d love so I finally got a chance to check it out and….. I didn’t love it. The first thing I put out afterwards was ‘Affleck playing Batman should be the least of people’s worries’
So the years went on, I went through the roller coaster ups and downs of hype for Batman v Superman aaaaaannnndddd didn’t love it. But that was OK because Suicide Squad was right around the corner, all the trailers looked awesome and there was no way it could disappoint. I didn’t need it’s story to blow my mind I just needed some kick arse characters and a fun ride. I uh….. didn’t love the movie. So now Wonder Woman and Justice League are on their way and all the footage I’ve seen so far both both looks awesome but this universe burned me twice last year so I’m trying to keep my hype in check.

Alright now I want to to get into some real concerns for this universe. First of all The Flash. I think Ezra Miller is a great actor and a brilliant choice for the role however they’ve lost 3 or 4 directors at this point, going back for a page one rewrite and the release date is inevitably going to have to be pushed back.More concerning factors are the announcements of the movies Gotham City Sirens and Black Adam. These feel like reactionary moves based on people liking Harley Quinn in SS and the fact that Dwyane Johnson is a huge star that gets busts in seats. I hope I’m wrong about those but it doesn’t seem like they’re letting the story lead naturally into these moves. Finally we get to Affleck hanging it up as director of The Batman. This was the movie that despite all else going on in the DCEU, I could hold on the the fact that a Batman movie was coming and it was going to be directed by Ben Affleck himself. The recent flip- flopping by Affleck of late on the issue was concerning to me but I was confident it would all work out. His statement umm… states that he realised he couldn’t balance it all. I call bullshit on that, he balanced all of his responsibilities on his other directorial efforts masterfully. My opinion is he got scared. He had a bad year last year. BvS was divisive, The Accountant under performed and Live By Night has not done well at all. He knows how passionate fans of Batman are and the blowback if his movie isn’t incredible. I think after all these blows over the last year, he doesn’t really want all that on his head. I cant blame him, I wouldn’t want it either. It’s a fucking shame how it’s worked out but I’ll just downgrade from pumped to cautiously optimistic.

Before I wrap this up I didn’t mention Aquaman because I have no particular gripes with it. James Wan is direction which is cool, and Momoa looks like,  a beast as the character so fingers crossed for that one too. 

To anyone reading this,  if you’ve gotten this far, what are your opinions of the movies in the DCEU both past and future? If you love them please d9nt hate me for not. I want to love them, I wish I did and I have rewatched them several times trying to like them more. In the end what does my opinion matter? 

Bye and stuff


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