Top 5 Nostalgia Movies I’d Maybe Want

Sooo Transformers 5 or whatever is coming out this year and since the Transformers movies are meant to. Even a trip down Nostalgia Lane for fans of the animated series and movie, I thought I’d list off some movies based on cartoons I think could be pretty rad.

5. Street Sharks

When I was a kid growing up in the 90’s I was obsessed with these guys. I had a big collection of the toys and tuned into the show every episode. Just look at that and say that movie couldn’t be some dumb fun.

4. Gargoyles

This one speaks for itself. A bunch of stone gargoyles coming to life every night. The trouble here is to avoid the Transformers and recent Ninja Turtles movies problem where the human characters take up too much screen time. Let the title characters carry the movies themselves.

3. Biker Mice From Mars

In a post apocalyptic world 3 mice like guys from Mars take on a bad guy who secretly has a fish head. Well there’d be more to it than that but it could be a beautifully weird Fury Road style joy ride.

2. Zoids

I just want to see a live action Blade Liger slicing shit up. Give me that and I’ll be happy.

1. Earthworm Jim

This is it man, this is the movie that needs to happen. This was an awesome video game that became an animated series. A powerful suit lands on an ordinary earthworm and he becomes the hero Earthworm Jim. This movie would be so bizarre with a bunch of crazy villains and I just want this movie to happen so fucking much.

Alright thanks for checking out this list I threw together in a couple of minutes. Do you have any old video games or animated series you’d love to see get the live action movie treatment? Let’s talk about it.


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